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Words Gone Brushy: Candy

Words Gone Brushy: Candy

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Practicing with words will help you with letter spacing and letter connections. And it's definitely more fun with a theme!
Each set comes with a breakdown of each brush stroke so you can see how each letter is put together and traceable practice pages for you to print out and practice. Print out as many copies as you’d like!
Word List: hot tamales, kit kat, milky way, milk dud, laffy taffy, mike and ike, butterfinger, jolly rancher, candy corn, reese's cups, 3 musketeers, starburst, lemon drop, sour punch straw, swedish fish, rolos, skittles, nestle crunch, hershey bar, baby ruth, abba zabba, snickers, airhead, gummi bear, sour patch kids, hi-chew, warhead, mounds, almond joy, mr. goodbar, jelly belly
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