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When will my practice sheets ship?

The Brush Letter Practice Guide and all other practice page sets are completely digital products. No physical items will be shipped. Upon purchase, you receive a link to download a ZIP folder, which contains PDF files that you open on your computer and print out yourself. This lets you print as many copies as you'd like so you never have to "use up" your practice sheets.

My download won't open on my phone or tablet. What's going on?

All files are delivered in ZIP folders to keep things neat and tidy for you. Please use a computer to open the files.

How do I open a ZIP file?

For Windows:
Either 1. double-click the ZIP folder to open it and then drag and drop the files inside to your desired location or 2. right-click the ZIP folder, select "Extract All" and follow the instructions.

For Mac:
Just double-click the ZIP folder and it will automatically create the extracted version in your current folder.

What type of paper should I use to print these pages?

If you're using a paintbrush or some other bristled brush, I typically use the cheapest copy paper available to practice with. If you're using a brush marker/pen (like a Tombow Dual Brush or Sakura Koi Coloring Brush), use a high quality laserjet paper that is very smooth (such as HP Premium Choice Laserjet)

I want to use these practice sheets with my iPad. How can I do that?

  1. First, download the files with your computer, open to ZIP folder and extract the PDF files.
  2. Send the PDF files to your iPad using email, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive.
  3. Open the PDF file in your iPad usng a PDF reading app (like Adobe Acrobat Reader or something similar).
  4. Take a screenshot of the page you want to practice to save it in your camera roll.
  5. Open your drawing app (most people use Procreate) and bring in the screenshot of the practice page as a new layer.
  6. Have fun practicing!

What supplies do you recommend starting with?

I have a blog post showing you all my favorite supplies here.

My local printshop is giving me trouble when I try to get my practice pages printed. What should I do?

Sometimes print shops refuse to print copyrighted products without a notice of release from the copyright owner. Show the printshop a copy of this print release which shows that you're allowed to get the practice pages printed.

Why are the letters so big on these practice pages?

Writing really large helps you focus on moving your upper arm muscles instead of moving your fingers and wrist. This means your brush strokes become more smooth and steady. After you master the larger letter shapes, it's much easier to make smaller letters.

What size brushes or pens should I use?

For the Comprehensive Brush Letter Practice Guide, two sizes of practice pages are provided.

Jumbo Sized Pages:


Regular Sized Pages:

All other practice page sets are the "Regular Size"

Have more questions?

Send me an email at